Monday, March 08, 2010

Norton: You STILL Suck

After I wrote that nasty Norton post I began to hyperventilate.

At first, it really felt good to just LET it OUT but as time passed, I remembered the whole Dooce and Maytag incident and the stance that I had taken on publicly being the "customer service police".


So I sat there, and I thought about it.

Hard. For days.

Days while Norton obviously scrambled to do something about it. Within hours, Dave Kim tweeted me and asked me to follow him, so that we could talk. I admit my first response was a cheeky,

"Will I get my $100 back?"

I was still smarting from my previous Norton encounters, and the thought of yet more corporate babble was just too much. My life is busy, and even though I told Dave that I was going to be unavailable for a few days, Norton still called every single day. Dave tweeted at me to send him my e-mail address (which I did).

Did I blog it for traffic? To stir up controversy? No.

I blogged it because I felt, at best, completely violated. A computer is, to me, a very personal object. Inviting someone to work on it is like having someone work on my car.

This computer is not some frivolous item. Jake has a motor disability and without the computer, he can't do his school work. We can't even connect to the school's network without proper anti-virus software, which is how the whole thing started. All I ever wanted was anti-virus software that worked. Is that too much to ask? I trusted Norton implicitly.

That was a colossal MISTAKE.

The reason I wrote about it is that I believe as blogger, or someone who works and spends a lot of her life online, that people need to know what can happen if you use Norton Live. While some of their techs seemed okay, the risks far outweigh the benefits. If I knew a mechanic would leave my car in worse shape when he's supposed to fix it, would I allow him near it? No freaking way.

The same goes for my computer.

I think that all of us have a line that can't be crossed, and for me, it was being lied to, my money taken, and then my computer messed up.

Sure, Norton has agreed to refund my $99, after three agents, being put on hold, and telling my story numerous times. What really irritates me though is that they seem like they could really care less that my computer was actually damaged and I have to pay another tech to fix the damage that THEIR employee caused.

The best that they could come up with was excuses that sometimes viruses damage things, or that possibly it's a software issue.

Nobody ever acknowledged that what the tech did was ridiculously out of line, that they never even stopped to say, "your software might be conflicting with Norton" or "if I delete this, _____ will happen to your computer. Do you want to proceed?". Honestly? I don't think that the people I've talked to even know what I'm talking about when I say the tech deleted registry keys and drivers.

All I keep hearing, repeatedly, is "I'm so sorry for whatever happened to you." as I wait for them to forward my story to yet another person.


They aren't sorry. I know it, Jake knows it, and THEY know it.

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