Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My List of Things to Do Over Spring Break

The Fantasy:

-sleep in every day (until at LEAST 9 am)

-blog in pjs until at least 11 am

-read my latest Kristin Hannah book (thanks, authors on the web!)

-go to a Tweet up


-find lots of amazing recipes

-window shop

-take lots of pictures outside in the sun


-go to Vancouver with Jake to his computer instructor's game studio


The Reality (and so far, it's only Wednesday)

-put Jake's thumb drive through the wash. Dry it off and hope he doesn't notice

-scream at Norton repeatedly

-6 trips to the computer tech place

-weep over the $175 paid to fix computer

-demand that teenager WILL work on homework when it's finally fixed

-realize that the money I wanted to use to pay for my Northern Voice bloggers conference ticket is going to pay for the computer fix.

-nag teenager to "pick up after yourself, dammit!"

-trip to Starbucks to drown my sorrows in a red velvet cupcake and a latte

-nurse Hubs, who is crazy sick, back to health. (in progress)

-sleep on the couch away from the Hubs so I'll actually get some shut eye

-wake up every morning ..*ping!* at 6:30 AM. That's NOT sleeping in!

-take Hubs to the doctor

-have an amazing day at the Tweet up

-extract some shriveled, brown mass from the back of my fridge. EW.

-revive the almost dead plants


-laundry. And then nag Jake to do his laundry, which is piling up and smells like something died in his room.

-look at the rain, which has kept me from hiking or otherwise being outside much.


-Register to go to Northern Voice! Whooo! (Can you tell I'm excited)

-practically kiss the tech guy when he didn't charge me near as much as he could have for the computer fix

-spend some time out in the sun with Jake

What has your Spring Break been like so far?

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