Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fabulicious Friday 2010: #6 Fun with Words and a GREAT cause

This week I've been fighting off a nasty could that has plugged me up so completely that I can barely hear and even my balance is off. Have you ever had that happen? You wander through the house with a box of tissues, and when you are finally sort of clear, thanks to cold medication, you feel like you're in an alternate reality. Thankfully it seems like things are beginning to clear up but geez, that wasn't fun. Good thing germs can't be passed around via blog.

Mostly because it's starting to appear that Hubs and Jake have strep throat. We should just re-name the month of March "the Month of the God-awful viruses" in this house.

I think that calls for some really delicious gelato by the ocean later today, don't you?

1.Bloggers you gotta read

This week two posts in particular have caught my eye, and I have to share them.

The Spohrs Are Mulitiplying: I know that I have mentioned Heather before on my blog, but this time, I'm asking you to drop by her March for Babies page and check it out. On April 24, 2010, they will be walking in honor of their beautiful Maddie, who passed away last April 7th.

If you can donate to support the March of Dimes, please do. Or better yet, join a group in your area and march too!

Baking and Books: I admit that I haven't tried any of the recipes on this blog, but this post about Vermont Maple Scones caught my eye. Of course, being Canadian I love anything maple, and I can't wait to try this recipe. Don't they just look delicious? Besides that, aren't the pictures amazing? Go and try not to drool on your keyboard too much.

2. Twitter-ific people to follow:

@alotofloves I had the chance to meet Marilyn in person just before spring break at a blogger meet up, and she's loads of fun! Plus, she has a great blog and if you aren't subscribed, you should be. So head on over, and while you are at it give her some gardening advice, because you all know that I am NO help whatsoever.

3. Worthwhile cause: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
When Jake was little I watched Jamie Oliver on TV, and if there was one thing I took away from his shows it was this: If you feed kids high quality, delicious, healthy food, they will not succumb to the poor quality, unhealthy, fast food.

He's right. We chose, as a family, to stay away from fast food and now that Jake is 14, he refuses to eat it. When we visit the USA in the summer, we eat out for 3 weeks straight and let me tell you, it's a challenge. Between the portion sizes, the high fructose corn syrup, and everything being slathered in gravy, cheese, bacon, or deep fried, we become the pickiest orders in the restaurant.

Jamie Oliver is taking on America's school lunches, and we're so excited to see what happens! Get involved! Sign the petition! Take back school lunch so your kids can have something healthy and worthwhile to eat.

4. What I'm reading: Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

Authors on the Web sent me this book a little while ago, and while it's taking me a bit to get through it, I have to say that I love it. Last year I had the opportunity to review Firefly Lane, and I have to tell you that both have made me a Kristin Hannah fan. If you have the opportunity to pick up either of those books, I suggest you do-both are very good. Once I'm finished I'll have a full review up here in the Cookie Jar.

5. Word Fun: Magnetic Poetry's Little Box of Words

I have always thought that Magnetic poetry was cool, but then I saw the mini versions on the ferry awhile ago. You can go with the happy, inspirational ones but I think the "Little Box of Whoop Ass" is especially funny. If you're feeling really naughty, there's the little box of obscenities and and little box of smut, too. While you're over there check out the magnetic travel games, which look like a lot of fun for the kiddos.

(Disclosure: Nobody gave me anything to mention any of these bloggers, sites, or products, except the book. That was given to me by Authors on the Web, and I agreed to do a review when I was finished. However, I likely would have tracked it down and read it anyway because I love Kristin Hannah's books. I don't even own Magnetic poetry, I've just coveted it in the store. Everything mentioned is only because I think it's very cool or a great cause, and I think you might think so too.)

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