Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dear Internets and Loyal Blog Readers,

Please excuse Scatteredmom from this blog for a few days. On Monday evening, she was hounded bugged invited to download and join "We Rule" on her iPod Touch. Have you seen this game? It's like crack. Oh sure, at first it was harmless fun. Build a farm, harvest a little corn and wheat, and isn't that peasant cottage cute? Before you know it you're walking around with iPod in hand, exclaiming every now and then that you need to harvest pumpkins, collect taxes from the peasants, or sell dresses from the tailor's shop. It doesn't help that friends are telling you to get buildin' and offer up that they stayed up until 4 am, thank you very much and you could do so much better because seriously, you only have 4 farms and 3 houses for your peasants? Amateur!

Present goal: To get enough points to have a BIGGER! BETTER! Castle. Then build a windmill and a school house to educate the peasant's kids. She is a benevolent queen, after all.

Lizzie is completely to blame. Honest. (by the way sweetheart, your 3 fields of strawberries are all dead. Also, I placed an order with your tailor to make me dresses so we could have a royal ball, and they weren't delivered. Do you know how terribly disappointed my subjects were? They were crushed. I had to build them a lumber mill to make them happy. *sigh*)

Besides the crack-like addictibility of We Rule, Scatteredmom is also battling the remnants of an incredibly nasty cold, and the cold meds she's taking are rending her tweets incoherant, if she isn't completely passed out on the couch in a stupor, iPod in hand and annoying medieval music playing. (Seriously, We Rule people. Make a button so we can turn OFF the music already. It's like elevator music for the medieval peasants. By the way, call Norton. They might be interested in adding some fresh music to their lines when they have people on hold for HOURS at a time.)

Lastly, there is the little issue of March 25th being Scatteredmom's 39th birthday, and she has decreed that such an event requires celebration in the form of chocolate ganache cake from her favorite bakery and a dinner out. It's not much to ask, really. For such a queen of the household, I think they got off easy. You will likely find her tomorrow evening in a chocolate and pizza induced stupor, laying on the couch, and overseeing her kingdom.

She'll be back soon. Or if you'd like to visit her and play We Rule, her gamer name is scatteredmom. But please, be careful. Once you enter, you might not exit for a few days.

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