Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Cookie Crumbs: Test-ability

"So Jake, we got the results of your fine motor screen."

I wave the paper. I hate all these tests and screens and things to prove stuff to important people, but whatever. We need to go through them.

"What does it say?" He doesn't look up. Doesn't care, probably.

"Well, according to this you really have a hard time with anything to do with a pencil and paper task. Writing, copying from the board, that sort of thing."

"Really? How bad?" He looks up from his keyboard. (snort) As if he didn't know that already?

"Well according to this you are in the bottom 1% of kids when it comes to writing stuff. Actually in the bottom of the bottom 1%. Which means that 99.6 percent of kids your age can write and copy things better than you." Holy crap, this is significant. I mean good Lord, no wonder the boy's head almost explodes when people want to take his computer. How could we have a kid whose intelligence is in the 99th percentile, and his writing ability in the bottom 1st percentile? Is that possible?

Now THAT's dyspraxia.

Jake thinks for a second and then pipes up,

"So if my cognitive ability was the same as my writing ability I'd be, like...handicapped."

"Sweetie, you'd be comatose."

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