Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cookie Crumbs: Intervention and a Dilemma

Hubs walks in to the kitchen and plugs in the kettle to make a cup of coffee.

Jake, who is sitting at the kitchen table and has observed that this is Hub's 10th cup of coffee that day, looks at him pointedly.

"Has anyone been on the show Intervention for addiction to coffee? Because you would be a perfect candidate"

I think I almost died laughing.


We have a tradition in this house for St. Patrick's Day. It used to be the whole changing the milk green thing and leaving out a bowl of Lucky Charms, but Jake had an aversion to green milk and wouldn't touch the cereal, so I'd always end up throwing it out.

So instead I would buy him chocolate coins, as a 'gift' from the Leprechauns to throw him off the trail of their real gold. In the past few years, I keep forgetting to buy the coins.

Not this year! I have some stashed away all ready to be strewn about the house!

Except the thing is....

I bought them LAST year.

Think he'll notice?

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