Monday, March 22, 2010

Cookie Crumbs: Hot Stuff

"Jake, I DARE you." I motion towards the bit of red pepper sitting innocently on the counter. "DARE you to eat that. It's hoooot stuff. I just made curry with it."

Jake picks up the piece of pepper and looks it over curiously.

"What will you give me?"

"Nothing. You will have the noteriety of having eaten a fresh smoking hot pepper."

Jake: "Are ya ready? I'm getting a glass of milk. The last time I did this I almost screamed, it was so hot. "

I watch, grinning, as he pops the pepper into his mouth and starts chewing.


He smiles.

"Mom, I think the store screwed up. That was a baby sweet pepper. It was delicious. Got any more?"

"But, but...NO! That was supposed to be a hot pepper! I specifically got it from the hot pepper bin at the store because I'm making Indian food and I needed a hot pepper, and so that means...." I look over at the pots of food bubbling on the stove.


Jake licks his fingers, sort of like a cat cleaning their paws. "You'll have to add a bit more cayenne, then. Better luck next time."

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