Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cookie Crumbs: Conversations

We're at school, in a class where kids are learning about idioms.

"I don't get these old people sayings!"

"What does talk turkey mean?" a boy looks at me expectantly and I smile. Sure, because I'm now 39, you can ask me. I qualify as old now, I guess but not old enough to know what it means either.

I shrug.

"I'm not THAT old," I grin back.

The class is quieted and now the idioms are interpreted for the crowd.

"So, what does 'walking on air' mean?"

Without warning the words come from the far corner of the room.


The class is silent because obviously, everyone is completely confused.

"Oh wait, that's water, right?"


Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is on TV. It is a very rare event for me to demand that I'm watching a particular program, because the TV is Hub's domain. We always watch whatever he chooses, mostly because I don't care about TV. But this night, I am firmly planted on the couch, remote in hand, and we are watching my choice.

Hubs: " This is boring. Can we change the channel?"

Me: "No. I'm watching this. It's two hours. You can suck it up or leave."

Hubs: "But..."

Me: " Honey, when the MAN HIMSELF takes the time to tweet to ME directly, we are damn well watching the show and you are going to LIKE IT."

Note: After 15 minutes, Hubs was totally into it. Good thing, because we're watching it every week now. Bwhahaha!

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