Monday, February 08, 2010

Spam Magnet

In the last little while, the amount of spam I've been getting has jumped significantly. What's with that? Am I now a spam magnet?

For almost four years, I never had spammy comments on this blog, and now I get at least four a day.

Readers, take note:

if you leave a comment here under anonymous, AND/OR you leave some long winded thing full of links to do with a business, I will delete it. Period.
I have no tolerance any more for spammy comments and I'll be ruthless. If I delete something that is a genuine comment, my apologies. Also, while we're at it if you start spamming me via Twitter I will block you so fast you won't know what hit ya.

They come in all sorts of languages, in hilariously bad English, with everything from cheap medications (hello, I live in Canada?) to penis enhancers (I'm a girl?), to telling me that I've won some ridiculous amount of money and have to claim before the FBI gets me (eyeroll), etc. This one I found in my mailbox today, and it's a unique one.

Hey Sandra, hon? Maybe you're lonely and you're hoping to find love through that Internet site. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm SO hetero. As in, the joke in our house is that I could never be gay because women often drive me nuts. Relationship? About as likely as Hell freezing over.

Somebody either stole my e-mail address and used it on that site you listed...or could just be promoting that damn site and hoping I'll click over, waiting to download some virus picture of you. Oh, and look! Your little friends are now e-mailing me too! How fun!

You probably hope that I might *gasp* think it's my Husband who has registered. Sad that he doesn't even know my blogging e-mail.

Besides that, good Lord woman, learn how to use a period and capital letters, already. That has to be the longest run on sentence EVER.

Perhaps the school of spamming should think to include a class titled, "English 101-How to Write a Spammy E-mail Without Obvious English Mistakes." Most of your co-workers could really benefit from it. Good luck with

Kisses, (but not really know. Although on second thought it's tempting just so I can give you this god-awful virus that left me in bed for a week)


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