Monday, February 15, 2010

In the Zone-Richmond's O Zone for the 2010 Olympics!

They told us we were crazy. Insane. That nobody in their right might would venture into Vancouver, of all places, the day after the opening ceremonies. At first I almost listened to them, but Hubs, being the insistent guy he is, wouldn't have it.

Sort of ironic coming from a guy who has not been quiet about the fact that he is NOT happy with our provincial government over the whole Olympic thing in the first place. We needed to get our Toyota looked at so why not?

Our venue of choice was Richmond's Ozone!

We were amazing by the light traffic. AMAZED. It may have helped that we went around 1 pm in the afternoon and that the gates open at 12 pm. Also that most of the entertainment doesn't even start until around 5 pm, AND that it was raining.

Rain doesn't bother us Coastal folk. We know we won't melt so we get out in the rain anyway. While we're there, I have to say that I find it somewhat hilarious that all these news people (looking at YOU, CTV) keep complaining about the rain and lack of snow. Uhhh....where have you people been all these years? Didn't anyone check the weather stats before deciding on holding the Winter Olympics here? We get snow maybe once or twice a year for a day or two, and the rest of the time it rains. Hard. For weeks. Right now is actually GOOD weather.

Anyhow, the O Zone! We started out by walking around and checking things out on the Richmond Public Library side. Fun! Not too crowded. Things for kids to do in some of the tents, but all a bit young for Jake.

Best moment? A Canadian was racing LIVE at the speed skating oval. EVERY person on the field stopped and watched the gigantic screen; cheering, clapping, and collectively willing him to go faster.

Thing that gave us the biggest giggle:

Ice skating. Outside, in the rain. Only someone from Vancouver would see the joke in this because we do everything out in the rain, but ONLY in Vancouver would you see someone skating, outside, in the rain, in shorts. What a dedicated Dad! I would've told Jake he could skate at home. Indoors.

At Richmond City Hall, they filled the fountain with cranberries as a tribute to the agriculture of the area. As I stood there and chatted with the farmers, we suddenly realized that we had met before. Years ago I took a field trip with a bunch of kids to a cranberry farm near Comox, and turns belongs to the gentleman on the left!

We had a fantastic time. The Ozone wasn't crowded at all by Richmond standards, and everyone was in a festive mood. It would be well worth taking the kids and looking around for a few hours.

In fact, traffic was light where ever we went. Want to see what it was like downtown? I made a video of our drive through the down town area-past the free stuff at the Vancouver Art Gallery, and past the outdoor cauldron. You might get a laugh out of our conversation, but I won't spoil it for you.

Readers will just have to wait and see!

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