Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fabulicious Friday 2010: #5 To Die For Chocolate, A Contest, and Canada, Explained

The Olympics are almost over and we're going to be back to regular life once again. I'm a bit sad about that, actually. It's been very exciting to watch all the competitions and cheer for our athletes every night.

Next weekend though I have something equally exciting planned, so I'm sure it will fill the void. Something that involves other bloggers, food, and lots of fun. YES! I'm going to meet other bloggers in real life! For the first time EVER!

I promised to bring them cookies. Somehow I think I'd better get baking instead of sitting here on my butt drinking coffee in my pjs.

Anyhow...onto this week's Fabulicious Friday!

Twitter people you should be following:

@everythingmom : With everything from meal plans to forums, articles, and contests, you should be following Everything Mom for the latest on...well...everything Mom!

@mrsloulou : She writes, she's fashionable, and her two year old has a taste for amazing designer shoes. What's not to like? Plus she's gorgeous and will tweet back to you.

Bloggers you have to read:

Loralee's Looney Tunes: I sincerely think that Loralee is one of the nicest people on the Internet. When I was a newbie blogger, she was so kind and talked to me right away, even though I was all "omg this is a big-name blogger and she's (squee !!) talking to me!!"

Lol! Anyway over the years we've chatted on Twitter, and as well as reading her blog, I've come to know her a little (well as much as you can via the Internets) . I admire her honesty and her determination. AND, believe it or not, hopefully this summer I'll get to meet her during Road Trip 2010 when we go through her town. I'm going to come bearing Purdy's chocolate hedgehogs because I know Loralee loves them.

I know, aren't you all jealous? I insisted she bring butterlump so I can pinch his cheeks because oh wow, even I'm not immune to squishy baby love that looks like this.

Plus she offers good blogging advice for people like me who are still wading around in the blogosphere, trying to figure out all this branding and self promotion stuff. Go! Read! You'll be glad you did.

You Tube Video of the week: Tom Brokaw explains Canada to Americans

I saw this video earlier in the week, and loved it so much, thought I'd share it with all of you.

Product you have to try:

My friend Anne gifted me with some Green and Black's 60% chocolate with cherry pieces in it.
I think the intent was for me to put it in cookies, but I'm sorry Anne, that chocolate is so amazing that I'm savoring it bit by bit. Maybe next time (lol!). Creamy dark chocolate, bits of dried sour cherries, all together in one nice, I'm not sharing. It's hidden. It's MINE! (looks around with shifty eyes to make sure Hubs and Jake didn't over hear)

Contest you might want to enter (but don't because I want to win. Just kidding! Sorta. *grin*)

@mabelhood is having a contest. The prize is a trip to Blogher 2010 in New York City, August 6-7, 2010. Plus you get a year long paid blogging contract. You have until March 15, 2010 to enter, so get thinking about what you will write! (details here)

I wanted to go to Blog Her so badly, but Hubs wasn't sure about a trip to New York City and we couldn't really afford it anyway. Plus it's on our wedding anniversary. However if I win the trip, then it's a different thing entirely.

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