Friday, February 19, 2010

Fabulicious Friday 2010: #4 Olympic Fever, a Giveaway, and Recipes

So, I know this is Saturday, but let's just pretend it's Friday, m'kay?

I've been struggling the past while to keep up with everything. Are you ever so bogged down with so much that you don't feel you do anything well? I've been feeling that way-and when it comes to writing, if I can't do it well, then I don't do it at all. You may have noticed. I'm trying to rectify that though, and thing are calming down now somewhat so I am confident about getting back into the groove (note to self: working seven days a week may have gone over when I was in my 20's, but now it almost KILLS ME)

Even Hubs couldn't help but notice. I'd be laying on the couch, thanking the Gods that I have time to finally lay down and watch Olympic stuff and twitter, and he's all, "Why aren't you writing? If you don't write your blog will get boring and then people won't come and you will LOSE all those wonderful people who read you all the time. "

Thanks a lot, babe. Gotta give the guy credit; at least he's not complaining over how gross the bathroom looks because it's the very last thing on my to do list, since I just hate cleaning bathrooms. I tried to pawn that job off onto Jake but it didn't work. I mean really, what's with teenagers these days? Won't clean a dirty bathroom? For money? (I wouldn't either if I was him. He's a smart one, that boy. He'll wait until I'm vulnerable and then just hit me up for cash without doing any chores)

And then, THEN, my lovely neighbors who had unprotected wireless, which allowed me to tweet and watch TV at the same time (I was addicted to that faster then you can say "iPod app"), went and put a password on it. A password! I was locked out! Neighbors? You really are cool. I do like you. Your wireless was great, and we didn't abuse it, I promise. Last Sunday when I came home and tried to connect and saw that teeny lock icon next to the network I was utterly crushed.


For a week I wandered around the living room, staring at my iPod, watching Olympics and muttering about how pointless it was to have this wonderful piece of technology and no way to use it. Jake was beside himself as well from not being able to use his laptop in the living room anymore.

So yesterday Hubs and Jake went out and bought a wireless router, and I'm in heaven again. Ahh....wireless. Such a cool thing. Now the signal is super strong and I can tweet from anywhere in the house! Result? I tweeted while watching Jon Montgomery win Gold for Men's Skeleton last night.

Anyway, I haven't done Fab Friday for awhile and thought I'd better get back into the swing of things again and give you guys some people and things to check out!

1. Twitter person(s) you gotta follow:

I have TWO Twitterific people these days that I think you should follow.

Jenny on the Spot- she loves glitter, her tweets are hilarious, AND she shares brownie recipes. I haven't made the brownies yet but they are by Nigella Lawson and Jenny's Hubs calls them "Sex Brownies", so I'm betting they are amazing. When Jenny is on Twitter, you can bet it's going to be funny.

MrsHotMom- hailing from Minnesota, Ann Marie is one of the nicest people on Twitter. I often find direct messages in my inbox, wishing me a nice weekend or asking me how things are. If she lived closer I'd SO invite her over for cupcakes and coffee, with Jenny. I think that would be a fun coffee break!

2. Bloggers you should be reading:

I'll admit I haven't been reading much in the way of blogs lately. I might have even forgot to check my google reader since Christmas. But not all is lost, because I do have some regular blogs that I read without fail.

Rude Cactus is my favorite of the Dad blogs in my blog roll. Between the "Weeklies" posts and stories about the weirdos Chris encounters in bathrooms, I always get a laugh. His writing is funny, thoughtful, and he always makes me want to comment. Plus he answers back! His wife Beth also writes at So the Fish Said.

3. On My iPod:

Hey did you know that you can get a 2010 Olympics App? It will tell you when the events are on, your country's medal count, etc.

Also, if you aren't sick of CTV's anthem "I Believe", you can download the song from iTunes-there's an English and French version, plus the instrumental. Can you believe that Nikki Yanofsky is only 16 years old?! I have it on my iPod because even though I've heard it about 4 times a day, it still gives me chills.

Oh, and don't ask me if I can get you some red Olympic mittens. We can't get them either, and I'm sort of kicking myself that I didn't get them when we saw bins and bins of them back in October. I tried them on and passed them up because I'm not really a mittens girl. But I'm sure that someone would've LOVED to get a pair as a giveaway here!

4. Awesome news: I'm doing a giveaway!

YES! I am! Details to come on Monday. You will win a "Oh, Canada! Pack" of goodies authentic to the West Coast of Canada, that are made right here! No huge corporate stuff. I'm scouring town and picking up fun things here and there. One item for sure is a plush MIGA Olympic mascot. (not sure if 9.5 inches is the size but close) There might be chocolate, coffee or tea, and other items involved. Details to come!

**Please note that only residents of the USA will be allowed to enter. We Canadians need to share a piece of our country! Don't worry, there will be a "Road Trip 2010" Pack giveaway in August for Canadians only of things we gather from our trip to the USA. ***

5. Photo of the Week: Apricot Ginger Chicken

I may be busy, but I've been cooking up a storm. The recipe for this deliciously sticky, sweet, chicken is coming up at Everything Mom on this week's meal plan (probably will be up by Sunday). While you wait, check out the other recipes there.

So what have you been up to this week? Anything exciting? Let me know in the comments!

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