Friday, February 19, 2010

Birthday Boy

I knew it when I saw him.

Okay, maybe not RIGHT away. Hubs says that he had been in the Starbucks that I was working at quite a few times before that day.

For some reason, on this particular day, I noticed him. Well fitting Levi jeans, a red tank top over his muscular chest, green eyes, shy grin; yes. I noticed him. Especially when he turned around to put milk in the coffee I had just handed him.

Ohhh he looked good in those Levis.

I never really noticed older guys before, except Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson. Hubs was different, though. It was like he knew me.

A whirlwind romance, wedding, kids, and here we are; a full 18 years later, happier then ever, celebrating his birthday. I had often wondered where we'd be by now. Over the years, people have mellowed in their judgments of our unconventional partnership. Maybe it's because our age difference isn't quite so glaring anymore and we have a teenager, or that the years we've been together have somehow served to prove that our marriage wasn't some frivolous union.

About 6 years ago a co-worker had said to me, "You just wait. Talk to me when he turns 60 and you turn 40, you won't be able to stand it. You'll get divorced. I know this. I've been married TWICE."

In 2011, Jake will turn 16. I'll hit the big 4-0, and Hubs will turn 60. It's a big year for all of us, actually. I sometimes look back at that woman's statement and feel sorry for her because obviously, she was a sad, bitter person. We are happier then we've ever been as a couple, as family, as each others friends. As the years go by, it only gets better.

Something tells me that the best is yet to come.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie. You really are a gift to me and Jake.

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