Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Kid Cursed the 2010 Olympics

Saturdays are my favorite day of the week. They are the one day where, snuggled under my down comforter, I sleep in until late, then I sip coffee and lounge in my pjs until noon.

Saturdays are the BOMB.

So why did I give this one up?

Well, it was Jake's birthday awhile ago. The advantage of having a kid in high school is that they are keenly aware of the advantages of Boxing Day shopping, and putting your birthday thing off until after the holidays. So I had offered to do something fun with him and a friend for his birthday "party".

The activity of choice? Snow tubing.

You see, we've tried to go snow tubing before. When Jake was turning nine we planned a tubing party at Mount Washington on Vancouver Island. For a kid who has never been on a toboggan, I thought it would be a very cool birthday treat, and I was right! Jake would have loved it.

I think we have some type of curse on our family, though.

We planned, we invited people, and three days later?

All the snow melted. The mountain closed.

No prob! We'll just go after the holidays. We waited, we planned, we invited.....

The snow melted AGAIN. The mountain declared the season a bust and shut down.

This year? This freaking important year because the 2010 Olympics are happening and Cypress Mountain is a venue, so there has to be lots of amazing snow? The one year that I would love to take my kid and blog about it because dude, that would be so cool?

We plan to go tubing this weekend guessed it....

The snow MELTS.

So I'm kinda sorry, everyone, I think we may have jinxed a few events. The whole Whistler being auctioned off thing though?

Totally not our fault.

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