Friday, January 29, 2010

Fabulicious Friday 2010 #3

It's Friday and time for what's Fabulicious in the Cookie Jar!

1. Bloggers to Read (ya, this week it's two!):

Amber at Crazy Blogging Canuck

I think I've been reading Amber's blog for about 3 years now. Hilariously funny and adventurous, I think I've always felt a kinship with her because a) I've been to Denver, plus many of the places she writes about, and b) we once were in Calgary at the same time, only minutes from each other and c) we're both Canadian. I love the tales of her pumpkin obsessed husband, her cute kids, and her sense of humor.

Anyway when she was in the top 5 of a contest sponsored by Microsoft Office for the opportunity to win a trip to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, I was so excited that I promised that if she won, I'd trek into the city and take her out for coffee.

She won! So stay tuned, Amber is on her way to the 2010 Games, I'm planning to make the trek in to meet her, and you'll get to read all about it!

Heather at The Spohrs are Mulitiplying:

Head on over and wish Heather and Mike congratulations on the birth of their new little bundle of cuteness, Annabel! I swear the Internet held it's breath for 9 months while we waited for this cutie, and now she's here we just want to celebrate!

Heather is an inspiring, amazing person and you will be glad you dropped by. Her blog is required reading, I'm sure. And if you can, send her some Smarties. I hear she likes them.

2. Twitter Follower: Leftcoastmama

There I was, twittering away about my Tassimo and Gwendolyn offered to send me her coffee T disks in exchange for my tea ones (which I didn't like). Really?! I'll do anything for coffee! (well. almost. ) Thankfully she's patient and understands my failings at snail mail, because it's been awhile and i still haven't gotten them in the mail yet even though her coffee ones arrived in (brace yourselves) DECEMBER. Umm...oops? (seriously, I'll bring them to the tweet up in Vancouver. Promise!!)

3. Fave new thing this week: My purple Gap hoodie

Gap has come out with some hoodies that are so nice, fit so well, are so cozy soft....I want to buy them all. I settled for a purple one. Loooooooove it. I pair it up with some long sleeved favorite t-shirts, and am in Gap-clothing heaven.

And the kids at school liked my hoodie too because they told me it brings out my eyes. Or maybe it was because they had a test that day and were hoping I'd slip them some answers?

4. Scatteredmom's no brainer tip o'the week:

NEVER (and yes, I mean never) pour boiling water into a mason jar. The jar just might crack right through the bottom so that all the water will begin to seep out, and as you try to scoop out the lemon slices (because you were trying to be a good mommy and make steeped lemon and honey for your sick kid) it will let go and release boiling HOT water ALL over the counter. It will run down onto the floor, all over the stove, and generally make one big hot mess.

Just sayin'. The stupid jar has to be hot already before you dump boiling water into it. Duh.

5. This week's You Tube video:

The first time I saw this I laughed so hard because it reminded me of a Christmas when Jake was 3 and I accidentally stepped on a Hot Wheels car that Santa had left behind. As I was screaming in pain (those are sharp suckers!) Jake was crying,

"You bent it! It's broken!"

Ah, parenthood.

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