Monday, January 11, 2010

Cookie Crumbs: Conversations with Teenagers

Me (chatting with a 14 year old I know) : "So I often lose my car in the parking lot, but that' s okay I just hit the panic button. It beeps really loud. Sometimes I know where the car is but I hit the button anyway and scare the crap out of whoever is standing beside it."

14 year old( gives me long, serious look): "Are you EVER mature?"


Me: "Jake, I can't open this wine bottle! Help! It's...not...WORKING!!!"

Jake takes the bottle, adjusts the cork screw, pops out the cork.

Jake: "It's sure weird that the 14 year old with dyspraxia who isn't even allowed to drink can open the wine and you can't. Are you cork challenged or something?"

Me: "So on Twitter a bunch of us were talking about doing a Tweet up."

Hubs (look of she is one crazy woman) : "Tweet...wha?"

Me: "Tweet up. We all meet somewhere."

Hubs: "And you promised to bring cookies? How many people are coming?"

Me: "Oh I don't think that many. Five. Wait, 8. Oh, now 12. And they just keep coming......holy crap!"

Jake: "Well you DID say you'd bring cookies."


Jake (whiny teenager voice): "But Moooooom, I'm confused! I don't know what you want to me clean! You said I could have books by my bed on the floor and I've had my room like this for ages! Why? Why?! Why do I have to clean it? I don't even know what to DO!"

Me (through gritted teeth): "Jake, ever since you were FIVE I have tried writing you lists, I've showed you, I've taken pictures of how it should look, I've made labeled bins, and all sorts of things. For the LOVE OF GOD, what do I have to do to get through your skull what your room should look like so we don't have a room in the house that looks like a landfill every month?!?!"

Jake: "You could clean it for me, maybe?"

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