Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Saved by a Sloth

I think I've talked about my commute to work before. The narrow, winding highway is so curvy that if you are prone to car sickness, you'll be turning green at the half way point. Logging trucks bounce along (I always have visions of them losing their load and crushing me like a bug), and crazy people in a hurry have no problem passing you on a double solid.

It's an interesting drive, which is why I always give myself a ton of time to get to work, just in case. Well. That depends on if my teenager, who is exceedingly hard to get out of bed, will be ready on time. I have resorted to threats of keeping a squirt gun in the fridge, loaded and ready to go just in case he's extra lazy.

Last week he was.

"Jake, get UP!" I bounced on his bed for good measure. He yawned and mumbled something before pulling his covers over his head. "UP! UP! NOOWWWW!"

This slothfulness was getting out of hand. I would need to really buy that squirt gun and actually use it. After nagging and threatening to make him walk, I finally got him to school and was feeling the pressure to get moving. Burning down the highway at 80 km/hr, I took the opportunity in a slight straight part to adjust the stereo before I rounded a curve.

As a looked back at the road, out of the corner of my eye, something moved up on the hill to my right. Was that...? What on Earth was a tire doing over there?

A tire, complete with a hub cap, was bounding down the hill to my right, poising to land smack in front of the car.

It happened so fast; I had barely enough time to avoid the tire, but then I noticed what had happened. A jeep coming in the opposite direction was missing it's driver's side front tire.
That tire? It had literally flown off, across the highway, hit a tree on the opposite side of the road, and rolled down the hill.

If I had been any faster that morning, I would have been closer to that oncoming jeep. That tire just might have hit ME instead of the tree.

Suddenly, Jake's slowness in the morning didn't really look like such a bad thing. His slothfulness just might have saved my life.

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