Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Reading. And You Should Too.

Last night I read a post over on Velveteen Mind that stuck with me. It's hard sometimes, to imagine that the people behind the words on the screens we look at are real. They have good and bad days, yell at their husbands, kiss their children, leave the dishes in the sink and forget to fill up on gas.

They aren't just words. They are people.

August 2008 was a lazy month for me; off work until September, I canned peaches and took Jake to the ER when he stabbed some glass tubing into his hand. In that same week, Stephanie Neilson and her husband almost died in a plane crash over eastern Arizona.

I've been to Eastern Arizona. I've also been in small planes, because Hubs has his pilot's license and for awhile, we flew short jaunts here and there. Flying was never my thing. I always clung to the seat, my knuckles white, eyes closed and cringing as we took off and landed. The mantra in my head was always, "please don't crash please don't crash please don't crash."

I hated flying.

News of Stephanie and Christian's crash radiated through the blogging world, and horrified, I began reading her blog. Now one of my must reads whenever there is a new post, my only regret is that I can't leave comments because truly, she is an inspiration.

Jaimee Rose followed Stephanie's story for a year and it is now being published, in installments, in the Azcentral. If you read anything online ever in your life, read this. Make sure to click through the related links-there's scores of pictures and more details to the story.

Just remember to have some kleenex close by, because you are so going to need it.

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