Monday, December 21, 2009

My First Video with Flip

Me: "You know, that gum is really disgusting. I'm going to You Tube it."

Hubs: "They are for the birds."

Jake: "Yes, dead birds that probably get it stuck in their digestive tract."

Hubs: "I'll pay you to clean it up...."

Me: "YOU are picking up EVERY last piece. YOU. Nobody else. And don't keep leaving them on the coffee table for me to find, either. That's GROSS!"

So there. Would you believe I only showed you a tiny spot of the lawn, too?

PS..please excuse my lame video skills. I'm still learning.

PSS..Bwahahaha! I've been eating too many rum balls, I'm thinking. I edited this and then realize I edited the wrong post. Whoops!

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