Thursday, December 17, 2009

Drama Queen

For the past few days there has been some serious drama happening in the Cookie Jar. It's something that has been extremely upsetting for all of us, and at the moment is completely un-blogable. If you've been on Twitter the last few days you may have heard about it or caught a few snippets here and there.

We're all physically okay, but I need to take a hiatus from the world for awhile to re-group and try to salvage some Christmas spirit for my family amongst the extreme betrayal, anger, and hurt that all of us feel. I'm sure you guys will understand. In time, I may be able to tell you the story because wow, is it a story. Right now I'm just too exhausted and upset, angry and stressed out to even write. My muse is muddled with some serious anger and I'm not quite sure what to do with that.

I should clarify that this isn't an Internet or Twitter drama and that everything is quite alright with my family. There has been real life drama that was totally unexpected started with something relatively minor that was blown into something completely, utterly, ridiculously unfair and shocking. We have been dealing with that all week and it will likely take until after New Years to sort everything out.

I'll be back after a day or two (most likely Monday) after I cocoon for a bit, and hopefully refreshed and happy, and ready to enjoy the holidays. But before then, there will be a post about how my Canadian readers can enter to win a Flip Mino HD video camera! Woo hoo!

Love you all,

Scattered Mom

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