Friday, December 11, 2009

Cookie Crumbs: Weather man

It's early morning. I'm home from work sick today, and Jake needs to get to school. I could make him take the bus, but the lovely boy hasn't figured out what time it arrives only a few houses down from my own.

Did I mention it's really cold outside? I'm in my flannel pjs, hair a mess, no make-up, and barely awake, grumbling that I had to leave my nice warm bed to drive the boy when a BUS could take him to school.

He sniffs the air.

"It smells like snow. You know, I can tell when a storm is coming, like an electrical storm, because the air smells coppery. Right now it smells like snow, though. With these clouds and this cold, I'll bet that we'll get some today."

"Jake, I doubt that you can tell the weather just by sniffing the air," I reply grumpily. "Good Lord, is your nose now the weather man?"

I start the car and we sit for a minute, waiting for things to warm up a bit.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a single, fat snow flake drifts and lands right in front of us on the wind shield.

"Shut up. Fine. You win."

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