Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Christmasy Breakfast

Looking for something to make for breakfast Christmas morning that will fill in the gaps left by the chocolate in your stocking?

Let's face it-we all love to nosh on treats Christmas morning. Especially chocolate. It's the only morning in my house where it's perfectly normal to dive into the Purdy's long before breakfast is ready.

I'll actually let you in on a little my house, we don't often do a really special breakfast on Christmas. Sometimes, I do pancakes or even breakfast sandwiches, but that's a stretch. With only the 3 of us, and Hubs always sticks to his tried and true toast and honey, it was never worth it in the past. Although now that Jake eats enough to feed a small African village, I may start actually cooking up a fun breakfast.

So when Everything Mom asked me to come up with a Christmas morning breakfast menu, I had research to do.

Would you believe that Jake suggested the menu items? I have a foodie on my hands. He remembered yogurt parfaits that I made when he was younger, and then showed me the Chef At Home episode where Michael Smith makes a brunch bake.

Yogurt parfaits. Easy? You bet.

Of course, everything I suggest is something we have actually eaten, so when we had the brunch bake for dinner the other night, it was deemed a success by all as Jake down every last morsel on his plate.

"It's like a savory bread pudding," Jake observed. "...and it's SO good."

Note to self: Your kid has been spending time on Twitter when they say "Om nom nom nom" while they are eating.

Go check out the post and get the recipes at Everything Mom!

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