Sunday, November 08, 2009

Weekly Catch up

Don't worry, this isn't going to turn into some photo blog with only a photo and caption for the month of November. I've already lost two readers, so I thought I should actually write something before the rest of you all decide to make for the hills.

Well-the picture thing will likely happen just on the weekends, which is when I usually don't post anyway, so you won't mind, right? I'll have some pictures on here, but I think I'm going to start moving them over to my Nablopomo set on my Flickr photostream. Seriously though, who has time to even do pictures? I've discovered that I would not make a good candidate for a 365 project. It's only 9 days in and already I'm thinking..."Oh my GOD, I have to keep taking pictures? Of what? There's no light! I'm too busy! Maybe I'll take one shoes! Or the pumpkins molding on the front porch!."

Ya because you ALL are just dying to see my moldy pumpkins.

So what's been up here in the Cookie Jar over the past week?

*We found out one of my photos was chosen to be printed on Jones Orange Cream Soda bottles, and we've been looking for a bottle around town. No luck yet! Jake seems to think this calls for us to drink soda every single day, and has lobbied for that each time I've picked him up after school.

*H1N1 (Swine flu) hasn't hit our family yet, as far as I know. Which is more than I can say places that have had around a 40% absentee rate almost all last week. I'm still feeling like I'm walking around with a huge bulls-eye on my back, and washing my hands every 5 seconds, but so far we are swine free! (as far as I know) It could be that I'm wiping down everything in sight with the awesome Clorox wipes that Clorox so kindly sent me awhile ago to test out.

*On Saturday we trekked into the city, which was lots of fun. I bought some cute funky Kamik rain boots to keep my feet dry, and we've been rocking out to Carrie Underwood's new CD Play On. If you like country music, make sure to pick it up. Hubs especially liked her new video (I think it might have had something to do with the sexy outfits, hmm?)

*There has been a LOT going on here that I can't write about. Things that are just very hard and have my emotions all over the place, and quite honestly, I come here and I have nothing left. Life for ME is wonderful, but for some of the people I love, not so much. Hubs and Jake say that I was "uber-bitchy" last week, until I finally got my emotions under control (no medication was involved, I promise). A few nights I just put myself to bed and called it a day.

I'm still doing that now and then. It's great. You should try it.

*Have you ever been put on an e-mail list where a gazillion people all hit "send to all", and you get something like 20 million-ish e-mails a day that have nothing to do with you? I have considered finding some lovely spam-ish type e-mail (you know, the kind that say "forward this to 3 people in an hour or pygmies will attack and snack on your toes") to counter this. Maybe once they all get some spammy things from me, they will take me off their list.


*Oh! To top that off, with Hubs diagnosed as diabetes type 2, now I have the joys of trying to convert all my baking recipes so he can eat them. That should be fun. (you know I'm being sarcastic here, right?) It kind of takes all the fun out of baking. Especially once I realized that if Hubs isn't eating my baking anymore then it's just me and Jake, and I certainly don't NEED to be eating that much baking.

Don't worry, I'll still bake. I just need to find new taste testers.

So that was pretty much my week.

Oh, and hey-I still have a zillion clorox wipes hanging out here at my house. They are awesome for disinfecting countertops, bathrooms, and we used them on door knobs and light switches around the house. I love them! Want some?

-open to people with a Canadian mailing address
-leave me a comment below
-I will pick 2 comments at random and send the winners each a box with 3 cans of wipes in them (1 lemon, 1 lavendar, 1 fresh scent)
-you have until Friday November 13 to enter!

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