Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Christmas music was blaring over the loudspeakers at the store as I searched for odds and ends that Hubs had asked me to pick up. Not really in a hurry but not wanting to waste too much time, I was moving with purpose.

I sort of expected the guy standing in the middle of the aisle, looking right at me, to move over. He didn't. He stood there, looking me up and down, so that I cold barely get by.

"Um, excuse me."

I waited. He moved slightly, and gave me a grin.

Usually I don't even notice when men check me out. Do they? Hubs says they do. He says I'm charmingly oblivious to the whole thing, but this time I noticed and this time, it completely creeped me out. It wasn't like the guy was just a friendly, "hey you look kinda cute," sort. I can't put my finger on it, but this one gave me the eebie jeebies. Big time. Like, crazy stalker better run for the car kinda creepy.

Once my shopping was finished, I stood in line to pay and out of nowhere, creepy guy is suddenly right behind me.

Oh my god, I need to move. This guy is going to mug me in the parking lot. Or ask for my number. At the very least, he's standing really close and I'm not okay with this.

Thankfully another cashier appeared and said she could help the next person in line, who happened to be me.

"Oh, go ahead," creepy guy grins at me again. He motions for me to go to the other cash register.

There's one thing about this store-they only sell cigarettes at particular cash registers, and Hubs had asked me to pick some up for him. So I couldn't move to the no-tobacco products line because arriving at home without Hubs sticks o' cancer would not go over well in the least.

"No that's okay, I need to get cigarettes. You go ahead," Suddenly, his face changed from creepy grin to absolute disgust. Obviously by that one statement, I had gone from "hawt" in his view to a disgusting lowlife. His eyes narrowed as he looked me up and down.

"That's a BAD HABIT," he snorted as he changed lines.

The backlash that I get when I pick up cigarettes for Hubs is incredible. People lecture me, and nobody ever believes that I have never even tried a cigarette in my entire life. Usually I get really annoyed because come on, do you drink? Do I bug you in the liquor store? No.

On the other hand, if thinking I'm a smoker gets rid of creepy people?

Totally works for me.

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