Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Nablopomo Day 3: Road With a View

When we lived on Vancouver Island I had to drive on a busy highway 100 kms round trip to work. Would you believe it was the highway that Final Destination 2 was filmed on? That highway accident scene where a logging truck loses it's load was created right on the very on ramp I took every morning. Needless to say, I gave logging trucks a LOT of room after that.

These days, I'm driving on a windy, leaf strewn road that takes me by the ocean and past lakes, and at first I wasn't sure I enjoyed the commute. I complained about it to almost everyone who asked.

Some days, though, I notice the color of the trees, the way the morning fog makes the trees look ghostly, how the light plays off the water, and I'm entranced. Not only is it beautiful, but for a full half hour I get to just drive, listen to music, and enjoy. Somehow looking for things to take pictures of every day has made me stop and really look for the beauty that previously I may have passed by. Maybe a commute, which forces me to slow down a bit and think about things, isn't so bad after all.

What is your commute like?

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