Monday, November 02, 2009

Manic Mondays

What? You were expecting something artsy and wonderful? Mondays are busy for me. They usually mean work, a quick grocery shop after wards, a late dinner, and maybe only after that do I get to relax for a bit before I'm throwing in laundry or cleaning something. See, this is why I plan my menus because otherwise I think my head would explode.

Tonight's dinner was a chicken stir fry and brown rice. Hubs and Jake exclaimed through the entire meal about how much they loved it, which struck me funny. I hadn't made the recipe in years because the last time Hubs picked through the veggies, Jake wouldn't eat the cashews, and generally they told me they hated it.

Tonight? I made it because it's quick and easy, and I liked it. So if they didn't, they were going to suffer because for once I was making something that I thought was yummy.

They loved it! They sang my praises about how delicious it was and polished off every last morsel.

Families can be so weird.

What are your Mondays like?

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