Friday, November 20, 2009


So I'm sure some of you, when you think of us living up here in the wilds of Canada during the winter, you picture this:

Photo credit: Alaskan Dude

I've even been asked if it's like this (yes, I'm serious-those ARE kangaroos. I didn't know they lived in Canada either):

Photo credit: A Writer Afoot

If you really must know, the last few days it's been mostly like this:

Photo credit: MaximeF

Or even this:

Photo credit: Sea Turtle

When we lived on Vancouver Island the rain and wind storms could get particularly bad, to the point where you could hear the house shifting and wonder if your roof would hold (it always did. Don't worry). Where we are now, it never usually gets that bad.

Well. Except last night.

You'd think after this storm, and then our experience with this one, we'd be experts at being prepared for them. We were, for awhile, but then one lantern broke, we discovered that candles really irritate Hub's lungs, and both flashlights bit the dust.

Yesterday I ran out and bought a new lantern/flashlight thing that had better last longer then one season (I'm totally looking at YOU, Noma) because for $30-ish, I sort of expect that. Totally prepared with our one lantern/flashlight thing, we huddled by the TV and expected the power to go out.

It didn't. Yay! Hot showers, coffee, and a warm house for everyone!

Wednesday morning as I was getting ready for work the phone rang, and I received the delightful news that school (work, for me) had been canceled because the power was out. I'm not ashamed to admit I did the funky chicken around the kitchen, much to Jake's irritation. You see, he attends a different school and that meant I was going to stay home while he suffered through his classes. Delighted, I bounced into his room and rubbed his nose in that fact until I was satisfied he had been sufficiently tortured, and then went off to take a shower.

Mid shampoo, the phone rang again. Ah, must be Jake's school, I thought. He'll be happy, there's no school for him, too. I practically skipped around, planning all the wonderful things I'd get done today and once I was out of the shower, hit the play button on the answering machine.

"Hey I'm sorry, but actually the power is back ON. School is IN."

"What?! NOOOOOOOOOOO!" My voice carried through 2 closed doors to Jake, wallowing in his bed.

"Serves you right!" he yelled back.

*sigh* I guess it did.

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