Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hope for Anissa

Just a couple of days ago I was home from work sick, and had spent the morning curled up in my pjs, nursing a cup of tea and tweeting. I admit, I don't know Anissa Mayhew that well-certainly not nearly as well as other bloggers, but she has always been friendly to be on Twitter and every now and then, we've chatted a bit. I always know that when she's around, it's going to be funny.

That morning, this tweet made me laugh so hard I almost wore the tea I was holding.

Oooo, have you ever? It burns. Like, a lot. I've done that too and then cursed my own stupidity.

I was giggling about those tweets for awhile after. It was just like Anissa, actually, to say something funny that brightened my day a little, even though she hardly knows me. She's just like that.

Later on that day, she had a massive stroke and is, as I'm writing this, fighting for her life in an ICU in Atlanta.

I'm still a bit shaken. I was just talking to her.

JUST talking to her. That MORNING.

A Mom, a blogger, one of our own, younger than me for God's sake, is suddenly fighting for her survival. Someone who has always been kind, funny, who reaches out to the littler blogger and waves hello via 140 characters.

Hang in there, Anissa. Your husband, your kids, and WE, the blogging world, heck-the world in general, needs you.

For updates and how to help Anissa's family, go here.

See Anissa's Blog here.

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