Monday, November 23, 2009

Dear Mr. Santa, bring me a.....

So a little while ago, Lou Lou posted her wish list over at Lou Lou's views and asked her readers what's on their wish list.

You all know me-responding to those types of questions in a little comment box isn't going to do. A blog post, maybe? With pictures? Of course!

For ages I have resisted one, but this baby is clear at the very TOP of my wish list this year...

1. A 32 G iPod Touch so that I can Twitter, listen to music, and be connected anywhere. Of course it would have to come with some music, so an iTunes card, screen care kit and a case would be really great too. I'm gadgety. I need to have access to the blog world and Twitter when we are on vacation or I'm just out and about.

Maybe I'm tad addicted?

2. Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 and a mini tripod

Would you guys believe I've never Photoshopped any of my pictures? Besides doing a teeny bit of adjusting on the color, that's it. I would love Photoshop because then I could probably create banners and more graphics. If I was really dreaming I'd ask for a really amazing camera, but I'm realistic. That won't happen for awhile, so I'm just getting the other tools first. One day....

A mini tripod would be real helpful with all those close up food shots, and I think I'd likely use it a lot.

3. Warm and cozy sweaters

I'm not sure where I'd expect these to be from, but I love the Gap, Roots, and a few other places so I'd have to go try things on and check them out. I really could use some new sweaters though, and so I'm eying what's on at the stores!

4. Slippers, some really nice Flannel PJs, and a blanket for my bed

For years I've bought cheap slippers, only to have them fall apart and stretch out of shape only weeks later. I get cold feet, and to have some really good quality slippers that would last are a big deal to me. The ones above look good, or something similar.

Plus, I'd love some really nice pjs that would keep me toasty warm because if there's one thing that is constant about me, it's that I'm freezing cold almost all the time. So that explains the extra blanket currently on my bed-which is this old, ugly thing. I'd like something a bit prettier, maybe? As long as it's big (at least a double) and warm.

5. The Super Big, Ultimate gift?

Actually it's not something you can buy. I wish for a stress free, fulfilling job for Hubs in the city so that he could get his health on track and so that I will have him around for many more years to come.

That, my friends, is better than ANY old Christmas gift.

What's on YOUR list?

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