Friday, November 13, 2009

Fabulicious Friday: Gift Guide for Teens

People are starting to Christmas shop, and so I thought I'd start doing a series of Fab Friday posts on GIFTS. Struggling to figure out what to buy? You've come to the right place. As the holidays approach, I'll keep adding to the lists and you can add things that YOU have found in the comments!

(***Disclaimer: The products that I will be listing are gathered from my own shopping experiences, talking with friends and family, and seen/sold at the toy store I work in. I haven't been contacted by any company or been compensated in any way for mentioning the products listed here.****)

This week I'm focusing on Teenagers.

Teens are notoriously hard to buy for. Gone are the days where they are happy with something simple (and cheap! Remember how excited they were over a BOX?). I've been asking Jake's friends, along with some of the other teens I know and this is what I've come up with besides the usual gadgetry, gift card, cash cow that is a teenager at Christmas.

1. A Family Game Night

For the teenager that loves games this can be a lot of fun. It can be given as a family gift for people who have a few kids, or it can be tailored for the individual teen who would share it with friends. First of all, you find a great game. Some recommended ones are Bananagrams and Gift Trap. Loralee told me how much she loved Bananagrams and I was sold!

Then you fill the rest of the box with snacky food. Go wild! Throw in a box of microwave popcorn, make a hot chocolate kit (can of hot chocolate, some marshmallows and candy canes), and other favorite things everyone can snack on. You could even include some tiny gift wrapped gag gifts for the winner, 2nd place, 3rd, etc.

2. A Selection of Their Favorite Books, CDs, or DVDs

It's hard to buy for teens who love to read, and even harder to keep up with those who read voraciously. Get your teen to create an account on (in the USA you can do Amazon or Barnes and Noble). With an account, they can create a wish list. Check out mine! The kid's books on there are Jake's picks.

I LOVE Chapters. I can not only check out Jake's wish list, but I can do a search for specific stores to see if they have the book in stock! Or I can order it online and have it shipped right to my door. Plus we can send the wish list to relatives or friends. Not just that but if I forget what is on the list when I'm actually at the store? There are computers there where I can log in and bring up the wish list right there.

You could pair books up with a travel mug filled with candy, a book light, and funky bookmark.

3. A Digital Camera and subscription to Flickr Pro

There's a wide selection of cameras out there, and I admit I'm not familiar with 99% of them. I'd go for something inexpensive, small, but durable as kids are always losing them. If you wanted to round out the whole photography theme, you could include an Energizer compact charger (we have one-I LOVE it) with some rechargeable batteries, a memory card, and even a mini tri-pod.

4. Cozy Me

Teens love chilling out by the computer or TV, and in the winter it can get a bit chilly. Why not get yours a fuzzy Columbia blanket and some cozy pjs pants? For a girl you could throw in some funky nail polish, for a boy maybe a great throw pillow. Pair this stuff up with a DVD and you have a perfect "hanging out at home" kit.

(I love the Columbia blanket. Jake's is so soft, machine washable, and super cozy by the fire. We have found them in Columbia outlets for around $14.99 USD)

5. Artsy

If your teen is into art, why not splurge on some really great supplies? We hit up Opus Art Supplies in Vancouver, where you can get almost everything you need. You could even shop online, place an order by phone, etc. The artsy teens I know would love to have a brightly colored sketchbook and some really great colored pencils.

What are you getting your teenager? I have no idea what to buy for Jake. Last year we had bought him a Mp3, which we strongly warned him that if he lost, we would not buy another.

Two months later, he lost it. Poof! Now he wants another one. What would you do? Buy one, or refuse?

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