Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween How To: Make a Mummy Costume

Costume making doesn't need to be expensive. One year where we just couldn't afford any 'extras' in our budget, I made Jake the best and cheapest costume ever. I wish I had pictures to show you, but my scanner is broken!

Jake did get a whole slew of compliments that year, and he loved that he could move and play in his costume without wrecking it.

What did we need to do it?

-a white sheet (picked up at a local thrift store)
-hot glue gun
-an old pair of jeans
-an old sweatshirt
-roll of gauze
-face paint

Seriously! That was IT.

1. Cut the sheet up into a bunch of strips. I made them about 2 inches wide, and the length doesn't really matter because you will trim as you go. Leave them fairly long.

2. Wash the strips in the washing machine. This frays them somewhat and that's what you want. Mummies rarely look neat.

3. Lay out the sweatshirt and starting at the top, begin hot gluing the strips of fabric to the shirt. I worked my way across the front going from left to right, layering them and gluing only the top of the strip, then putting the next one underneath but slightly lower. (kinda like shingles) Make sure to keep it fairly loose as the glued on strips will keep the shirt from stretching when the child puts it on.

Work your way around the arms and down the back. When you are finished, get your child to try it on. You will see places that you have failed to cover and can add strips there as well. When I did this with Jake, there were some places that couldn't stretch and I had glued too tight. I just ripped that part of the strip off, or cut it, and then added some other pieces to cover up where the sweatshirt was showing through. Don't worry about it looking perfectly neat-it's not supposed to!

Continue with the pants.

5. On Halloween when you are helping your child get dressed, just get them to put on their completed pants and sweatshirt. If it's cold, a white turtleneck under the sweatshirt adds warmth and goes well with the costume. Wrap your child's head up with the gauze, under their chin and around their head, leaving their face showing but covering up all their hair.

If the child is a girl, you could try putting her hair into a high ponytail and spraying it with greyish hair paint, teasing it all wild, and adding spiders or other creepy crawlies. Wrap the gauze around their head but allow the ponytail to stick out.

6. Paint their face completely white, with black under their eyes and red lips, plus use some of the red on the gauze on their head to make it look like they are bleeding a little.

Trick or treat!

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