Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween at The Cookie Jar

Over the weekend we went to Vancouver. I admit I wasn't that thrilled with the prospect, but I had promised Hubs months ago that we would visit tool heaven and he could go buy himself a new toy to build furniture with. The only thing I insisted on (besides trying to weasel a $1500 Canon SLR camera. Drool!) was stopping at Michaels so I could pick up some crafty-ish stuff to entertain myself with. My sketchbook is full of ideas for Halloween treats, and I needed the supplies to pull it off.

Bakerella, it's entirely your fault. Really. I saw something on your blog once about edible ink pens, and just had to have some. I had wanted a whole set, but had to settle for just the orange and black that were available.

See? They are very cool-I can't wait to try them! The second we were in the car Jake asked if he could try them out on his tongue. Did I mention that teenagers are weird?

Another thing that made it into the bag was this package of green candy melts. You can't get candy melts where I live, so this is my very first time using them. That's right, I am a candy melts virgin. Be still, my spatula.

Those are being used to create a fun cupcake that I have all designed and ready to go.

Last, but not least, I found these great sticks to make cookie pops. I've made them before with popsicle sticks, but these are much nicer looking.

Oh, you're wondering what cookie pops are? I'll be whipping some up this week so make sure to check back! The Cookie Jar is going all Halloween-ish over the next few weeks.

See, here's the difference between me and Hubs. He has a hobby, it costs him $2000 to get toys. Me? I drop $15 at a craft store and use my free blog to write about it.

I think I need to make him a deal on that $1500 camera.

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