Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Days of Grace

Quite a long time ago, I joined Grace in Small Things. If you aren't sure what it is, make sure you check it out. From there I went along my merry way, sometimes forgetting to post about it because life was just so amazingly wonderful that sheesh, you think I can put everything down?

This past month has been pretty dramatic and suddenly, I'm back to looking at the small things that I'm grateful for. Nothing is escaping my notice as I'm trying really very hard to slow down and live in the moment-this moment, because thinking too much about things is going to make me crazy.

Just moment by moment. Like these ones:

Every Friday, a friend and I meet at little cafe/store by the ocean for coffee. Well, sometimes it's coffee, yesterday it was a delicious croissant sandwich and tea. We sit in the sunshine, overlooking the ocean, and chat about our week. I look forward to that moment, all week long. It's so nice to have a friend to do this with, and over treats, too? It just feeds my soul.

Calls from long lost old friends. Good books. Flannel pjs. A fuzzy afghan and cup of tea.

My new jobs have kept me busy, and financially right now they have been a great benefit. I work with amazing people, and have great bosses. At a time where people are finding it hard to get work I had not just one job, but two tossed in my lap! I love doing both of them and right now they are a god-send.

Hot showers, clean crisp sheets, fall sunshine. Pumpkins. Jake and a friend running through the yard, wrestling and squealing while Hubs and I double over with laughter.

I live in Canada, where we don't have to worry about health care. Right now, if I had to worry about how to pay for all the testing and stuff Hubs is going through in the next month, I think I would lose my mind. Lose. Entirely. All we have to concentrate on is getting him better, and for that I'm so, so grateful. There are no bills, no wrangling with insurance companies, just getting him to a doctor. For that I am hugely grateful.

Whispered conversations with Hubs late at night. Warm hugs. The smell of chocolate chip cookies.

Lastly, I'm grateful for each and every one of YOU. Kind words, e-mails, comments, heart felt Twitter conversations late at night, every single on of my readers and followers who have taken the time to get to know me, listen, give me a little boost when I need it. You are all amazing.

Thank you!

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