Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brain Drain

I'm writing this on a Saturday morning in my pjs while I sip coffee. It's my only day of the week to sleep in, and I was relishing the idea yesterday as I ran from work to visiting with a friend, to picking up groceries and dinner, then baking cookies and meeting a writing deadline.

By 11 pm I wound up practically snoozing on my keyboard.

Why is it that when you really think you want to sleep in, your brain decides otherwise? There I was this morning, awake at 6 am, trying desperately to doze back off.

Brain: Okay so the plan today is you're going to spend the day in the kitchen, cooking up some rocky road cookies, pumpkin pie, soup, and biscuits...

Me: Shut up. I'm trying to sleep here.

Brain: There's laundry too. You did good yesterday, but there's lots of hand washables left. You might want to get to those today. It would be nice to have those things available for work.

Me: Yada, yada, yada...who cares? Just be quiet!

Brain: The bathroom is kind of a mess. Seriously, look at those ridiculously overflowing garbage cans. Try some of those Clorox wipes they sent you, too. I wonder if the lemon ones smell good. Egads, they sure sent you enough of them. Give to family and friends, they said. You don't HAVE that many friends. Oh, and you need to vacuum.

Me: *sigh* roll over

Brain: Don't forget about the bird poop on the hood of the car. Hubs always says that if bird poop sits on the car too long that it wreaks the paint. Better clean that. Mail the bills. Water the houseplants. Clean up the dishes from last night. Write some blog posts. E-mail back those readers who sent you questions and letters that made you cry. You don't want them to think you are too snotty to answer them. Take lots of photos while you're cooking, too. Didn't Hubs want to go for a walk this afternoon? Better plan the day around that.

Do you hear me? Hello??

What are you trying to sleep for? You have too much to do. Besides, your bladder is telling me you need to pee, so just get up. I'd like some coffee, while you're at it.

Geez, my brain is pushy.

No wonder I can't sleep.

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