Monday, September 28, 2009

News in the Cookie Jar

Thanks for all your kind comments about our adventure last week. My readers are the best! Our weekend turned out to be nice and relaxing, filled with lots of gorgeous sunny weather. Hubs and I began speculating about the prowler, and whether or not he was watching our house before, trying to get a handle on our routine, etc.

The guy is going to be sorely disappointed that he chose our house, because someone is always home. ALWAYS. We have no social life. We take the homebody thing to a whole new level. There is no window of opportunity so he might as well just move along, already.

The weird thing is that back when we were running a therapeutic group home in the city, that sort of thing was normal, along with having police arrive at 3 am, taking drugs away from kids, gangs showing up and wanting us to hand kids over, or fires being set in the basement. So while the experience was a bit unnerving, none of us were really terrified by it. I used to live with people like that.

Hubs is also feeling much better, and we're just going to wait and see what the tests say. Thanks so much for your well wishes, they all made us smile.

Moving along....

My first meal planning article is up over at Everything! I know that a lot of you come here for the recipes, and so if you are looking for dinner ideas, go check it out. There's a great, easy recipe for Three Cheese Lasagna Roll Ups and garlic bread that I made last week for dinner. (mmm...there's another dish in the freezer, I might have to dig that out)

Also you may have noticed that I have a new Giveaways/Reviews tab up top of the page there, and that is where I'll be posting that sort of stuff. Right now there's a giveaway going on with Parts Select, where you can not only win a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer pack (oh...I LOVE my mixer, you MUST enter), but they will donate money to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation! Go! Quick! There's two drawings left.

Can you believe it's almost October? Wow that went quick.

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