Friday, September 11, 2009

Fabulicious Friday #50: The Cookie Jar's Top 5 Favorite Blogs

Whoops! This whole back to work, 2 jobs, commuting, getting up at 6 am thing every day has thrown me off. I had this all ready to go, and forgot to check if I actually wrote it!

Are you looking for some great blogs to add to your reader? Here's the Cookie Jar's Top 5 (okay, six) Most Read Blogs, in no particular order. Some of these authors inspire me, some make me laugh, some I'm a fan of, and others I'd love to meet and have a coffee with.

1. The Nei Nei Dialogues

I began reading this blog after noticing buttons on various other blogs, and wandered over. Stephanie and her husband were involved in an almost fatal plane crash last year, and I continued to read and follow their story via her blog. For awhile, other people were posting, but Stephanie herself is back. I find her photos amazing, her story inspiring, and I just wish that I could leave a comment (I think comments are closed on everything).

2. The Spohrs are Multiplying

I happened to be on Twitter earlier in the year right when Heather had taken her daughter Maddie to the hospital, and then saw the huge outpouring of love on the Internets when Maddie passed. Heather's photos are also just breathtaking, and her raw, intimate posts about her grief of losing her daughter are just heart wrenching. Still, I come back day after day, because she is just so eloquent and her writing is beautiful.

3. A Peek Inside the Fishbowl

Andrea is probably the blog I've been reading the longest. Hailing from Ottawa, she writes about fun things to do with kids, crafts, food, and photography. She always inspires me with fun things to do with Jake, and I just love her writing.

4. Rude Cactus

From the Weeklies to strange bathroom encounters, I can always count on Chris to make me laugh or at least get me to think. Plus he answers my comments with a personal e-mail, which I think is super cool.

5. Crazy Blogging Canuck

Amber hails from Canada but is living in the USA, which could explain why I seem to relate to her sense of humor. We're both outdoorsy girls, too (her more so than me). I love her stories of traveling, her husband's obsession with the great pumpkin, and what it's like being mom to a couple of small kids. (remember, I have a teen so I can look back now and smile)

What are YOUR favorite blogs?

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