Saturday, September 05, 2009

Fabulicious Friday# 49: Lunch Box Snacks

Just a note...I have not been approached by any of the following companies, sent any samples, or paid to write this post. These are lunch box snacks that Jake and I have bought, tried, and loved! These reviews are genuine.

Ah, back to school means back to making lunches! Looking for some inspiration? Jake and I raided the grocery store to stock up on our favorite grab and go snacks to keep us satisfied. These ones are our favorites!

1. Sun Rype Mini Bites fruit snacks
A co-worker of mine used to bring these to work often, as a little sweet treat after lunch. Healthy? They taste like Jujubes. I really like them, and Jake thought they were the best invention ever. Probably not so great on the teeth, but way better then candy!

2. Nature Valley Sweet and Salty 70% cocoa dark chocolate Nut bars

Many schools don't let you take nut filled things, but if you can, these new bars by Nature Valley are heavenly. I love the Sweet/Salty and the Trail Mix bars by Nature Valley anyway, but the idea of a rich, nutty bar with a hit of 70% cocoa dark chocolate, plus dipping it in sweet nut butter, just sends it into the sublime. Amazing!

3. President's choice mini hummus (Try with Dempster's Pitas)

This combination of hummus and pita is Jake's favorite. The hummus is good-smooth, not too garlicky, and in a perfect little size to pop into a lunch box. I slice the pita up into wedges and pop it into a baggie along side. The pitas are delicious; substantial, soft and chewy, and yet you have the feel that you're eating something healthy. Want something that has them both together? We also like the Summer Fresh Snack N' Go hummus and cracker pack. The roasted red pepper hummus is our favorite flavor. They could use a few more crackers in there, though.

4. Mini Babybel cheese

They are small and you get to peel them, plus they are oh so creamy and could you NOT like Babybel? Mmmm. A bit pricey, yes..but I throw two into Jake's lunch and that's just a great hit of protein for the afternoon when he's starting to fade. For some reason, they must be low in lactose because lactose intolerant Jake can eat them without a problem. THAT is something I'm loving too.

5. Olympic yogurt

I love yogurt and I've tried probably every brand out there. The Olympic Low Fat and Creamy yogurts are my favorite, mostly because they are sweetened with fruit juice and have no artificial preservatives. Plus they just taste great, are rich and creamy, and that's good enough for me. My favorite flavor is lemon! Mmm....

What are YOUR favorite lunch box snacks?

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