Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back To School=Extra Scattered Mom

School started about a week ago, and I feel like my life went from completely lazy, do nothing but hang out, blog in my pjs until noon, to absolutely insane craziness.

This is what it's like when you work in the school system; you get two glorious months off to be a complete lazy bum, and then September smacks you squarely in the face and demands that you get back to work. This summer, I also did something I've never done before; I found yet another job. It's completely different from working in schools and I love it, but it also means that I have only one day off a week, which has resulted in me scrambling to find a new routine.

New routines mean I get extra scattered. So far, this week? I lost my house keys, published a post that was just bits and pieces, lost my cell phone, my work binder, and then misplaced the car. Twice.

How the hell do you misplace a car? You forget where you parked it, which is just lame if you only knew how small that parking lot is.

Jake also decided to grow up just a bit more, which just tugged at my heart, as if it isn't bad enough that he started grade NINE, of all things. Nine! Makes me want to cry. (More on that later.)

Anyway, the dust is finally settling and I have a few things to catch up on, winners to announce, etc. Winners of the giveaways by random selection are....(drum roll, please)

500 business cards from Uprinting...Aunt Becky and Lady of Perpetual Chaos!

One Year Magazine Subscription from me...@tjrossignol

Congratulations!! I hope you enjoy your prizes! Thanks to Uprinting for being so understanding too, because I totally zoned and didn't follow their instructions very well, then e-mailed them all panic stricken and groveled for their understanding. They were fantastic!

Then to add some more excitement to the week, I was offered the coolest writing gig over at Everything! I am the new foodie meal plan girl over there, dishing up weekly menus with pictures and recipes. I am SO honored that Michelle asked me, and was so excited that I've already been pouring over recipe books, planning what I'm going to make. Don't worry, I still plan to keep up with Recipe Tuesdays and posts over at Recipes From the Cookie Jar on Saturdays. I have a lot of recipe content that hasn't been posted and is in the works, so this is perfect!

I already warned Hubs and Jake that this is going to mean I'll be doing a LOT more setting up food to be photographed, which they both say is weird. They sure don't complain when they get to eat it, though.

I'll let you know when that goes live! In the meantime, the new routine is taking shape and I think I might have it down now; but have any of you seen my watch?

It was here somewhere....

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