Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Research: Help Me, My Techie Readers!

A few months ago Hubs and I went out for dinner with some of his friends from work, and one of them pulled out an iPod touch. I had never really looked at one before, but for some reason this caught my attention.

Oooo! Shiny new toy!

Here's the thing; I NEVER use my phone. It's sorta weird really, but I think that I have a sort of cell phone phobia. First of all, I'm not fond of ANY kind of phone. I think that people who talk on phones and drive should lose their license. I forget to even turn the stupid thing on most of the time. I already put $10 a month on my pre-paid phone and I use it so little that Telus actually asked me why I have a phone. Seriously.

Phones = not my thing.

However, I do love music. I'm hopelessly addicted to Twitter, Flickr, Blogger, and spider solitaire. I love the idea of downloading books or movies and watching them. I drool at the very thought of being able to twitter from it and surf the internets.

So an iPod touch seems like the way to go.

Okay you higher techie people with all the experience with these things, I want input. What kind do I get? Accessories? Must haves? Drawbacks? Things you love? Hate? Other devices that you like waaaaay better?

I need input!

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