Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Jeep Adventures

Road Trip 2009 Days 10 and 11: Jeeping near Moab, UT

When I was a kid, I loved our family vacations. Sticky marshmallows, the smell of a campfire, Dad telling us he would sleep with a hatchet under his pillow to keep away the bears. We'd spend all day in the lake and then walk up to the camp store just to get an ice cream cone.

Ah, camping. Let's just say that I still love the outdoors, but as I grew up I really began to realize just how much work camping actually IS.

Our favorite way to spend a vacation is still outdoors, but bumping along a 4x4 trail in the middle of nowhere, scouting out lizards, jackrabbits, and fantastic views. There's no roasted marshmallows, but ice cream is always included. My hotel includes hot showers, maids, and tasty restaurant food. Plus I kinda admit I love those little bottles of shampoo.

What were you favorite vacations as a kid? And what do you now as an adult?

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