Friday, August 21, 2009

Fabulicious Friday #47: Fabulicious in Vancouver, BC

Back to school in my house means a celebration, and this year the celebration took us over to the Big City for some summer fun! Take a look at what we found in Vancouver that made this week's Fabulicious list:

1. Biking the Stanley Park Seawall, Vancouver

I hadn't biked the sea wall in years but it's always been high on my list of things I must do with Jake. We packed a picnic lunch, parked at Second Beach, and by 9:30 were biking the trails. The sea wall is just amazing-not only are the views just beautiful, but it's such a treat to ride your bike along the ocean. The trails are paved, flat, and the 8.8 kms just flew by! We stopped often to take pictures, marvel at the view, or look at the starfish along the shoreline.

The wildlife is so used to people that they let you get pretty close for pictures, too.

Once we finished our ride, we stopped for a picnic lunch at Second Beach and relaxed. I can't wait to go back and do this again!

2. Timothy's Frozen Yogurt in Steveston, BC

Timothy's has been in Steveston since 1989, and when I used to live in Richmond as a college student, it was the ONLY place we'd go to get ice cream. When Hubs and I were newlyweds, we'd stop and get a waffle cone and stroll the docks, holding hands.

So when Jake suggested we have ice cream for lunch after a hot and sweaty bike ride, it was the first place I thought of! At first he tried to order a cup, until I walked him over to look at where they make the waffle cones, fresh right in front of you, and form them by hand. For the yogurt, they take 2 blocks of plain frozen yogurt, put it in a machine with frozen fruit that you choose from a case, and the machine mixes it up. A warmish waffle cone and mango peach frozen yogurt? Heaven.

3. Gulf of Georgia Cannery Historic Site, Steveston Village

Since this museum opened, we've often planned to visit but never got around to it so this time Jake and I made a plan to visit. What a great place! Inside you get a first hand view of how the cannery worked-right from when the fish arrived off the boats, to canned and ready to ship to the stores. If your kids like "How it's Made", they will probably love visiting the cannery and seeing all the machinery. You can even get a guided tour, or just wander around by yourself.

4. Biking the Richmond Dyke and Garry Point Park

On day two of our back to school trip, Jake and I biked the West Dyke trail from Garry Point Park out to Terra Nova, which is across from the Vancouver International Airport. The views were beautiful as Jake and I watched eagles and hawks hunting, stopped to sample the wild blackberries along the trail, and watched the planes coming and going from the airport. I admit that the 11 km was a bit harder than we anticipated, but it was fun.

5. Ichiro Japanese Restaurant, Steveston Village

Back in the mid 90's when we lived in Richmond, I was practically known on a first name basis at the local take out sushi place, and for good reason! I was there at least once a week loading up on spicy tuna roll, california roll, and miso soup.

You can imagine my delight when Jake discovered that he loves sushi as much as I do. We found this restaurant by reading reviews online, and then hunted it down for dinner-not once, but twice!

Everything was delicious! Jake and I even sat up at the bar and watched the chefs make the sushi, which was a treat in itself. All this time I've been making my sushi wrong! Ooops!

I wonder what we'll come up with for next year....?

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