Friday, August 14, 2009

Fabulicious Friday #46: Stuff We're Loving

Edited to Add:

The following recommendations are based on products that I have bought, tried, loved, and in some cases, use every single day. I have not been paid, sent products, free gifts, or contacted by any of the mentioned companies to blog about them on Notes From the Cookie Jar. I do contact the companies myself to let them know about this post, because I think it provides them with customer feedback, but that is all. These reviews are genuine.

1. Almay Clear Complexion Liquid Makeup

For years, I've had trouble with my skin. It just doesn't co-operate. There's oily and then dry, plus breakouts, and let's just say I'm one of those people you see commercials about that say, "Oh, do you have wrinkles AND zits?" No matter what I use, I break out.

It was really a problem until I tried Almay's Clear Complexion Liquid Makeup and then the clouds parted, the angels sang, and everything completely cleared up. Really! Okay there is the occasional issue, but it's so much better. I love, love, LOVE this stuff. I actually have the entire line-the makeup, concealer, and powder.

Did I tell you I love it? It's very gentle, doesn't dry out your skin, and I even used it when my skin was broken out and not only did it cover well (try using a green concealer underneath), but it didn't irritate anything.

Perfect for teens going back to school who have some skin issues, don't you think?

2. Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub

Since we're on the topic, I wanted to mention Neutrogena's Clear Body Scrub, too. For the rest of your body that may experience issues with zits, this stuff is great. It took awhile to work, and I won't say that you never get a zit again, but it does help considerably. I love the smell, and it's so easy to just squirt some on a loofah thingy and scrub away. My skin was left nice smelling and soft, plus the usual breakouts were much more contained. Try it!

3. Columbia Sportswear

I never really wore Columbia clothes until we went to Bend and I discovered the joys of the Columbia outlet stores, but since then I am completely sold. Actually, I'll admit that now when we plan a road trip I literally scout the outlets stores out ahead of time and our destination MUST include a Columbia store so I can load up on their amazing clothes.

Everything I have bought washes well, is great quality, keeps it's shape, and looks great! Could I ask for anything more? Our family favorite items are their quick dry shorts and fleece jackets or vests. The quick dry shorts are great for road trips-they pack small, you can get them wet and they dry fast, plus they are durable.

Oh and if you can find one of their fantastic fleece blankets, buy one. They are the softest, nicest blankets ever!

4. Green Works Cleansers

When I bought groceries the other day, the girl at the check out help up my Green Works all purpose cleaner asked if I liked these products. Like? LIKE? I love them.

If you have a member of your house who is affected by strong smelling cleansers, these are the cleaning products for you. This week I tried the all purpose cleaner, and it not only cleaned grease and junk of my stove top great, but it also worked on my sticky counter tops and other areas. The light, lemony scent is pleasant and not overpowering in the least. I also use the window cleaner, and it not only works just as well as the popular brand, but smells better.

I have tried various 'green' cleaning products before, and was not satisfied with any of them. Some had overpowering scents, others had ridiculous amounts of dye, and some just didn't clean that well. So far, every single Green Works product that I've tried not just meets my expectations, but exceeds them. We even drive way out of our way (sometimes all the way to Vancouver) to buy their toilet bowl cleaner. Way to go, Clorox!

Now if I could just find them in my town instead of having to hunt for them, that would be great!

5. Breyer's real fruit bars

It's hot out, nobody is really eating, and are you concerned about your kids having sugary frozen treats? We really love Breyer's real fruit bars. First of all, they are really yummy (my favorite is orange). I really love that they are only 40 calories each, and they look like they don't have quite so much artificial coloring in them. Sure, there's sugar but they also have actual fruit. They also come in smaller sizes so that you can give them to little people without having to deal with breaking a big treat in half.

Of course then I eat TWO, because one sitting by itself would be lonely.

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