Monday, August 10, 2009


When Hubs and I planned our wedding 16 years ago, there was one thing we had absolutely NO trouble agreeing on.

The cake.

Firstly, it had to be chocolate. Chocolate is the only way to go, because it is the best cake flavor ever invented.

Secondly, the cake to icing ratio had to be correct, and the icing had to be real. The reason I don't like a lot of bakery cakes is that often you get only 1 inch of sponge, and then three inches of edible petroleum product posing as icing. My icing has to be the real deal, and there can't be a lot of it or I'll scrape it off. Ganache gets high marks from me!

Lastly, there would be no fruit cake that everyone politely takes and then ditches the second they get home. It was August, not Christmas, and I didn't see the point in handing out cake that the bride would rather toss off the roof of the hotel. The only fruit cakes at my wedding would of the guests.

The hunt for the perfect cake had begun. Hubs and I scoured the land, called bakeries, and every weekend I brought home samples for us to critique like wine tasters, searching for the perfect flavor combination. Fountains? Elaborate designs? Who cares! We were going for taste, baby. I think we looked longer for the perfect cake than I did for my wedding dress.

Finally, I brought home some treats from Murchies Coffee and Tea and we scored the winner-a deep, dark, chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse, so amazing that we sat and savored every bite of our sample, eventually jousting with our forks to snag the last bits of crumbs. The fact that the cake would cost $300 (to serve 50 people) and be shipped from Victoria didn't faze us a bit. We wanted THAT cake and only THAT cake.

On our wedding day, our guests raved to us about how delicious it was and despite the fact we were so full I thought they'd have to roll me out of the reception, I managed to have a few bites. Hubs carefully boxed up the top piece that you freeze for your first anniversary, guarded it all the way back to the house, stashed it away, and we jetted off to Australia for our honeymoon.

Three weeks later we arrived home; sun kissed, rested, and Hubs was craving...cake?

On the plane:

"Mmm that was the BEST. I could go for a piece right now. Really, I'm so hungry, and that was the most amazing cake ever. I think I'll have some when we get home."

"What are you talking about? No way! That's our anniversary cake! You can't eat it!"

Whatever. Must be the jet lag talking. Cake? How could you want cake after traveling for upteen hours? Are you nuts? Aren't we supposed to save that or something?

I seriously underestimated Hubs and his craving for really good chocolate.

We stepped through the doors, and Hubs immediately dug that cake cake straight out of the freezer and hacked off a slice. I began to protest a bit, snatching the box away from him.

"No! It's my cake, too and I want to save it!"

"But honey, after a year in the freezer it won't be that good anyway," he explained through mouthfuls of chocolate. "We should just eat it now while it's still pretty fresh and.." he sighed with contentment while he licked his fork, "deeeelicious."

The dark chocolate crumbs beckoned. Okay, maybe just a little won't hurt. Just a taste. We'll eat half, I reasoned, and then put the rest back in the freezer.

By the end of the evening, Hubs had eaten the entire thing by himself. With his stomach full of chocolate and his craving satisfied, he promptly went to bed and left me, his new wife, wide awake watching TV with a plate full of chocolate crumbs.

Sixteen years later, I brought this home last Friday to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

Only this time, I made him SHARE.

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