Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blather Because I'm Tired of the Soap Box

Summer is drawing to a close. I can feel it already in the evening, when the air has a bit of nip to it and the crickets are singing. I must admit that I'm glad school is starting up again; I do find that around this time of year I become restless and bored, because there is really little to do. I can only clean the house, fuss over my herb garden, and organized things so much before I start feeling like it's all I do.

I find myself sitting in my pjs writing for hours, until I finally become so tired of writing I don't even want to look at another computer screen. Me? Tired of writing? Now THAT is a feat. I need to work. I need something to occupy my brain and my hands, giving me purpose.

Then there was yesterday's Twitter drama, which just sucked any joy of blogging out of me, and I was feeling somewhat annoyed at the Internets in general. I still am a bit, maybe? Sometimes I just need to turn off the computer and walk away, already. Or just keep my mouth shut and stay out of it, but after wrestling with my own conscience and beliefs over the hotel incident, I felt that I had something to say, and I did. Nobody noticed, of course. I don't really care; but I do feel a bit stressed when I wade into an arena with the big players, because you never know what your words will touch off. Will everyone just ignore it? Will someone take offense, and you'll have 395 comments with people calling you a hater?

*sigh* It feels like high school all over again, sometimes.

So anyway, what's up here? This summer I set some goals and put things in motion. One big change in my life was taking another job, which is something I haven't done outside of the school system for a whole 19 years. I wanted to sock away some money, and this seemed like the best way to do it. Did I stick with my profession? Nope. I went completely out on a limb and dove into retail by applying for (and landing!) a job at a local independent toy store. Surrounded by Lego and Webkinz, Thomas, Plan It, Playmobil and puzzles, I spend one day a week helping grown ups find fun for the kids in their lives. It's so much fun!

Of course come Christmas, you can bet I'll have the scoop on some really great toys, which I will post here for all of you when you're shopping for the kiddos in your life. I am already scoping them out and it's only August. I can't help it when there is just so much good stuff in the store that I wish Jake was younger!

In my kitchen, I've been canning and making jam like crazy for the past few weeks. I have posts coming up about it all, but wow! I think I have enough jam to last quite awhile. One of the recent batches was a nice apricot jam, and just to experiment, I tossed in a split vanilla bean. OH. Good Lord. SO good. I highly recommend it.

Jake has been keeping himself busy this summer making non-alcoholic mead, creating video games, and blogging. The other night I offered to do a blog re-haul for him and this is the finished product. He was so excited, and it was fun to teach him about widgets and layouts. We were up until 10 pm that night, pouring over blogs and installing things. Hubs thought we were insane!

Oh on a side note, one of my goals for a very long time was to break 100 subscribers to Notes From the Cookie Jar. When I finally did over the past week or so, I danced in my pjs around the computer room. Thank you! Thanks to everyone who takes time out of their busy day to come here, of all places, to read, comment, and make me smile. I love my readers. You guys are the BEST.

Next week, there are two giveaways coming up. One is a sponsored giveaway for US residents only. To keep my Canadian Readers from feeling left out, I have another giveaway for you as well that I'm buying myself. I hope you enter! That might be kind of fun!

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

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