Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Bird Whisperer

Road Trip 2009: Salt Lake City, UT

On our first day in Salt Lake, we decided to visit the Tracy Aviary. Hubs has this weird internal 'bird radar', because every time we go to a zoo/animal refuge with birds, they flock to him. Literally. Too bad they couldn't help us with directions to get there, too.

First, our GPS was being stubborn and wouldn't even admit that the streets existed. Hubs programmed it all, declaring it was fine, which was really confusing when we ended up in front of the Utah State Capitol Building at the other end of town. Hubs pulled over and made me ask some really hot jogger guy where Liberty Park was.

Confession: I didn't listen to a word the guy said. I was too busy looking at him. Good thing Hubs was listening-although in typical guy fashion, he didn't follow any of the directions.

After finally turning the Tom Tom off because it kept chirping things like, "Left! Turn LEFT!", we finally found Liberty Park and the Aviary. WHEW!

At the gate we decided if we wanted to just walk around, or if we wanted to pay extra and actually get to feed some of the birds. We decided to feed the sun conures. Was it worth the extra $3 each?

Oh boy, YES. Hands down the most fun we had in Salt Lake City.

We first walked around and looked at the birds and the sun conures immediately flocked to Hubs. Before we knew it, 5 or 6 were fighting for position in the cage to be as close to Hubs as possible.

Pretty soon it was feeding time! We were all given three Popsicle sticks with bits of apple on them and instructions to stand quietly while the birds came to us.

Which, of course, they did. It was hard to feed them AND get good pictures with birds on my head, shoulders, arms.....all the time praying that they would NOT poop on my head.

Of course they all flocked to Hubs and then promptly fought over him like young women. He didn't even have any food left, and they were all nuzzling him.

Jake began squealing; the birds first started on his head, but pretty soon he had four of them on his shirt nibbling at his hair, ears, and collar. I think it's because his shirt was the same color as the staff, and he possibly has the bird gene too.

They didn't like me quite as much, probably because I'm a cat lover. You know, maybe they thought I would eat them or something. The camera might have had something to do with it, too-I'm not sure they liked my snap happy personality.

Is it fun for kids? For sure. There were a bunch of smaller kids with us, and they had a great time. Plus nobody got pooped on!

That was a bonus for sure.

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