Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Secret Revealed!

Road Trip 2009, originally uploaded by Scatteredmom.

Okay, so I couldn't wait until Monday. THIS is what I've been doing over the past three weeks, 8 US states, and 8000 kms. Road trippin, baby!

For the next three weeks, you get the play by play, because baby, I blogged the whole thing. Twittered, too. (I wanted to go live but heard some stuff about safety and people breaking into your house while you're gone and stuff, so decided this way is better). You'll get to see where we stay, what we eat, what we do, just as if you've slipped into our trunk and joined us for the ride.

Although the trunk was SO FULL of stuff by the time we came home, this way is better for sure because you never would've fit.

Are ya ready? Set? GO!

First stop: Bozeman, Montana.

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