Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The last couple of days we've been trying to think like this:

Penguin/Iceberg Photo credit: V.P.Tz.

When in reality, the weather is more like this:

Onion Creek, just outside of Moab, BC UT (I think that was subliminal)

I've said before that I LOVE hot temperatures. Down in the southern Utah desert where it's a smokin' 103 F (39 C) and we're hanging out in the desert? Bring it on. We are out and about until about 2 pm, and then we retreat to the quiet, cool, air conditioned spaces for a nap and swim. In fact the air conditioning was so good that sometimes I'd get COLD at night and we'd have to turn it down. I even complained about it (I know, I know-slap me)

When the mercury climbs to 33 C/ 91 F here in BC? In the land where we have no air conditioning, no pool, and lots of humidity? Meltage. Serious meltage. (yes, I know that's not a word. Blame it on no sleep for the past few nights because it's been 29 C/84 F in my bedroom)

Yesterday we decided to escape the heat by going to Vancouver. I know that sounds weird, but this was our theory; stores, and my car, have air conditioning. Our first stop was handyman mecca (this place) where I perched on a stool and waited while Jake and Hubs drooled over all the man-toys that they want to eventually buy. Hint: If anyone wants to gift us with a table saw, Hubs would love it, thanks.

Anyway as I sat there watching all these hot sweaty guys come in and get their tools,
this poor older guy came up to the counter with about 30 instant cold packs and dumped them all over the counter. It was kinda funny really, they were all falling off the counter and sliding to the floor as he tried to corrall them. Everyone in line sorta looked at him, amused. Who would need that many cold packs, anyhow?

Until it dawned on everyone that it might be a good idea-but do you think there were any LEFT?

Of course not.

Anyway it was a fun day-Jake and I were let loose into the wilds of Chapters, we finally scored Jake some socks that fit (how does one grow out of SOCKS?), and generally stayed cool. We even ate dinner out at a favorite restaurant to keep from cooking. We were smug in our air conditioned car as we passed those that were sweating with the windows down as we sat in our ferry line up, even. We thought that we spent the hottest day of this heat wave in the best possible way.

We were wrong.

The heat wave we are having is supposed to peak today. Peak? PEAK? Oh my lord, it can actually get hotter?

Even the weather man looked at his numbers this morning and said, "Geez, I've never seen this kinda heat and humidity together before. It's more like Southern Ontario."


Hold me.

Wait. EW.

I wrote that this morning when the temps were still low.

On second thought, just hose me down and pass the ice cream.

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