Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blueberry Crumble Bars

Years ago when I lived in Richmond, BC, I could get a box of blueberries for next to nothing. The farmers had a good year and I guess the bumper crop of fruit was ready to go before it rotted, so I was picking up 5 pound boxes of blueberries for THREE dollars. Three!

Last summer it cost $30 for a 10lb box of blueberries at my local market. Yikes.

The other day I found some on sale, and buoyed by the find, I whipped out a recipe that I have been waiting to make since I discovered it last summer. That beautiful square above is the result.

Oh, and Chapman's? You make the BEST frozen yogurt everywhere. My poor kid was just crushed to discover that ice cream makes him sick (the whole lactose intolerance thing), but he can eat the yogurt. Plus we even like it BETTER than ice cream. Seriously guys, go try it.

After I took a bite and it's all warm and gooey blueberry goodness, just mingling with the sweetness of the cold frozen yogurt and....

HEY! Don't lick the screen!

Go find the recipe over here instead.

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