Monday, June 01, 2009

The Outsiders Taught Me How to Dye My Hair

The other day I bought this shampoo.

"Trying to make your hair blonder, Mom? Why?"

Blonder is better than grey-ish, Jake. Blonder means summer. It means youthful. It reminds me of...

...the Outsiders.

Ah, the 80's and that movie that had all the heart throbs of the day:

Remember? They were hawt. They graced the covers of Teen magazines and we squealed over them. Who was your favorite? I thought Ralph Macchio was da BOMB. (geez, he's still pretty hot)

There's one scene that I remembered well from the movie, where Johnny and Ponyboy are hiding in the church, and they want to change their appearance because they are wanted by the cops. Ponyboy cuts his hair and then dyes it blond with hydrogen peroxide.

Can you see where this is going?

Back in those days, none of my friends ever dyed their hair. It was some sort of more forbidden activity; although, I did date a guy whose mom was a hairdresser, and her hair was barbie-aisle pink. PINK! Until it turned the orange of those plastic chairs at school, that is.

At 15-ish, I wanted blond hair. My natural hair color is sort of a light brown, and I knew my parents would never let me dye it. So, being the silly teenager I was, after watching Ponyboy's success on the Outsiders, I diluted some hydrogen peroxide with water and combed it all through my hair.

Then I left it on overnight.

A few days later, my hair wasn't just a bit blond, it was more like BLOND blond. Did I really think that nobody would notice? You betcha! Nobody, save for one girl at school, commented on my color change. Somehow I convinced everyone that it really was the sun bringing out my natural *cough* highlights.

Seriously, I'm sure my Mom must have known and just let it go because the damage was done, right? Lots of damage. As in, my hair was totally f-r-i-e-d to bits of crunchy straw. It didn't help that I often would get perms, because it was difficult to achieve the volume needed for poofy 80's hair with my fine, straight locks. Remember that, ladies? The huge amounts of aqua net and making our bangs stand straight up?

Did I even remotely guess that the blond would stay with me for close to ten years? That every time I went back out into the sun, or got a perm, it would bleach right back out again? Not a clue. That's okay, though. It did look natural-ish, and I didn't mind.

The other day I found a stinking grey hair smack in the middle of my bangs and ripped it out. Grey= old. *sigh*

It got me thinking. Maybe I need a bit of blond to cover it up?

Of course these days, I'm just a lot smarter about it.

Did you do some strange things to your hair as a teenager?

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