Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fit in 15 Day One and Two

Tonight dinner was finished and I hadn't done my Fit 15, so while Hubs was fixing the radiator on his car and Jake was mowing the back lawn, I laced up my runners and took off for a walk through the neighborhood. It had started yesterday, actually-and to kick it off at home (I found out a bit late), last night I stretched and then did sit ups, push ups, and some good core kinda moves that I remembered from aerobics classes of days gone by. Today I wanted something a little more FUN.

See? Runners. New Balance, I love these runners. Real comfy.

I love our neighborhood. It's usually pretty quiet, and there's lots of trees. I considered going farther up into the bush but after the reports of cougar attacks in Squamish, I decided not to. We do have our fair share of wildlife here; bears, raccoons, coyotes, elk, and deer. Cougars too. No, I'm not about to have a real wildlife encounter with something that may mistake me for prey. So instead I stuck with animals of the domesticated kind, like this neighborhood cat.

Cat, hold still so I can get a picture.

As I walked, this cutie came running over to me and purring while it looped itself in and around my legs, rubbing it's head all over my ankles to say hello. What, do people who are allergic to cats have some weird scent that attracts them? I love cats. They just really make me sneeze.

I kept walking, admiring all the nicely manicured lawns and the gardens. I really wish I could garden better. We just haven't had the time or the motivation. Don't get me wrong-our yard looks really nice, I just love to drool over what other people have done. I have serious garden envy.

I love daisies! The road was totally lined with them, all nodding and waving in the breeze.

Daisies! It's really summer! I noticed after I took this picture that if you look closely, in the yellow center of this daisy I can see the outline of a star or flower shape. Can you see it?

Mmm...nothing like berries right off the bush. **But you shouldn't eat them unless you REALLY know what they are.

The blackberries, with branches as thick as my finger, are all in blossom. You can smell the wildflowers, too but as I walked up the path towards home I noticed something else; the salmon berries are ready. We have them growing wild all over the place, and often just eat them right off the bush. Ahh, no wonder there have been bears about! They are filling up on the berries too.

I was having so much fun that my Fit 15 turned into a Fit 30-but isn't that the point?

Where will I go for my Fit 15 next? You'll just have to come back and see.

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